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Royal College Programs


Bachelor (Honor) Programs:-

1-Bachelor of Information Technology.

2-Bachelor of Information Systems.

3-Bachelor of Software Engineering.


Diploma Programs:-

1-Diploma in Information Technology.

2-Diploma in Accounting Information Systems.

3-Diploma in Management Information Systems.


Bachelor of Information Technology

•Technology Manager

•Network Administrator

•IT Consultant

•E-Commerce Developer

•IT Lecturer –Researcher

Bachelor of Information Systems

•System Analyst

•Database Manager

•Business Intelligence Manager

•IS Lecturer -Researcher

Bachelor of Software Engineering

•System Analyst

•System Development


•Software Technical Manager

•Software engineering Consultant

•SWE Lecturer- Researcher

Diploma in Information Technology

•Database Administrator

•Network Manager

•Web Designer/Developer

•Multimedia Developer


Diploma in Accounting Information Systems

•Systems Auditors

•Financial Auditors



Diploma in Management Information Systems

•Management analyst

•Management consultant

•Business Analyst